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Royce Technology Platforms, which sit within our Research Framework, are groupings of cutting-edge facilities and expertise.

Each Platform has a Technology Platform Lead responsible for developing and enhancing the facilities and supporting related research activities which utilise Royce equipment.

These core capabilities have been established through significant EPSRC investment to enable innovative advanced materials research. They represent an integrated ecosystem for making, testing and characterising advanced materials and accelerating their transition through the early stages of discovery.

Imaging and Characterisation is a cross-cutting platform which supports work across all the Royce Research Areas.  This platform incorporates capabilities from high resolution imaging and chemical characterisation to nanoscale engineering of materials to help optimise their properties for use in next generation electronic devices.

Importantly, Royce Technology Platforms see us combining capabilities across Partners, ensuring UK-wide materials science expertise and capability is visible and accessible to the materials community.

Royce Technology Platforms

Physical Deposition Cluster Tool

Multi-Chamber Deposition Tool

Diverse Thin Film Device Manufacture

Material Doping and Device Fabrication

High-Temperature Coating Deposition

Advanced Coating Technology & Performance

HTHP Degradation Environments

In-Situ Ageing Characterisation

Thermomechanical Processing

Materials Discover & Prototyping

Near-Net Shape Manufacturing


Materials Development for Multidimensional Printing

Dynamic 3D Stimulus and Biomechanical Evalution

Bioelectronic Interfacing and Electronic Characterisation

Fibre Technologies

Automated Engineering of Biology For Materials Discovery (MIB)

Sustainable Polymer Synthesis, Characterisation and End-of-Life

Fuels and Irradiated Materials Analysis

Irradiation Environments (DCF)

Irradiated Materials, Fuels and Actinides Handling and Characterisation

Advanced Characterisation to Understand Radiation Damage in Materials

Non-Actinide Irradiated Materials Handling, Characterisation and Testing

UHV 2D materials and devices assembly (NGI)

Inert Sample Preparation and Characterisation

Imaging and Characterisation

Automated formulation of materials