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The Royce offers industry and academia the capability to make, test and characterise materials, components and systems. Over £150m of equipment is available, easy to access and technically supported.

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The Royce is open to businesses of all sizes, to help tackle materials challenges, exploit new opportunities, and accelerate research and innovation. From equipment access for commercially sensitive research, to long-term partnerships, the Royce can work flexibly and support a range of approaches and needs.


Facilities at the Royce are open to all UK academics regardless of institution. All Partners have technical and advisory staff providing a single point of entry into facilities across the Royce, enabling you to easily find the right contact.

Facilities can be accessed using a variety of funding sources, including research council grants. In addition there is funding available to support proof-of-concept research, and training and equipment use for PhD students.

The Royce can support individual research projects as well as contribute to larger programme grants, manufacturing hubs, European projects and national challenge funding.