University of Leeds


The University of Leeds was established in 1831 and is now one of the Russell group. Its industry-facing networks are at the heart of its interdisciplinary research, focusing on health, water, food, energy, culture, cities and high value engineering. The university is investing in key technologies which will become a platform for its research in future, including imaging in biomedical and physical sciences, robotics and big data analytics.

University of Leeds

Royce Facilites

Royce equipment is hosted in the new Bragg Centre, a £96m development to create an integrated campus for Engineering and Physical Sciences to build on a shared interaction between these disciplines. Located on the north east quarter of the University campus, the 15,700m2 building enables the integration of the University disciplines of Engineering, Physics and Astronomy and Computing along with the provision of critical central teaching and social interaction spaces. This investment will foster a culture of inter-disciplinary working in the development of novel materials to address 21st Century challenges in many areas, including energy efficient computing, telecommunications, sustainable magnetic materials, sensors for use in biological systems and extreme or remote environments, pharmaceutical formulations, ‘smart foods’ and medical technologies. The facility will include first-class laboratory and specialised teaching spaces, enabling cutting-edge research, and outstanding student experience, whilst enhancing the University’s research power and strengthening collaboration with industry.

Core Research Area

Atoms to Devices is concerned primarily with the deposition of functional films either by vacuum (top down) or solution processes (bottom up) through patterning in all three dimensions. It also includes the manufacture of powders for thick film deposition. Potential application areas cover almost all industrial sectors and particularly ICT, Healthcare and Energy. These applications could transform the following markets: £360bn photonics/imaging/communication; £270Bn semiconductor; £164Bn Cybersecurity; £50Bn energy storage. Royce academic partners, and the wider UK academic and industry community, has a vibrant, world-leading network in materials science and engineering, with excellence across the disciplinary areas required to create a vertically integrated Atoms to Devices programme. This interconnectivity is rarely seen in a single institution, and the Royce collaboration provides a unique and timely means of achieving this.

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