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A variety of commercialisation and entrepreneurship training programmes for advanced materials researchers are available through institutions within the Royce Partnership and from a range of private providers in the wider advanced materials community.

This page collates a number of national training and education programmes which Royce recommends for students and postdoctoral researchers working in advanced materials disciplines.

The recommended programmes take a variety of approaches to commercialisation and entrepreneurship training, each providing opportunities to develop:

  • Key entrepreneurship skills to apply to your own projects and research
  • Team working experience on projects submitted by inventors
  • Relationships with experienced entrepreneurs
  • Networking opportunities with likeminded innovators.

If you are not sure which program is best for you, please get in touch with a member of the Royce team for guidance.


Royce has made funding available to the national advanced materials community to access programmes issued by its Partner Providers, however course providers can also direct you to financing sources within your own higher education institution.

To find out more about these programmes and how to access funding provided by Royce, contact the organisations directly through the links provided below

Royce Partner Providers


Eligibility: UK-based researcher

Dates: The next impulse programme runs from 25 April to 14 July 2023. Applications open between November and March each year.

Course Type: Hybrid

Programme Overview:

The impulse programme serves as a catalyst for entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. The programme enables the development of high-potential technology innovation into a commercial proposition, for individuals and companies. It is an established action learning programme of global significance with a sharp focus on prioritising and developing “high-potential” business cases.

The core of impulse’s approach is a network of passionate mentors and experienced entrepreneurs who act as role models and provide valuable guidance from this highly respected, unique Cambridge innovation cluster.

Found out more and apply here: https://www.maxwell.cam.ac.uk/programmes/impulse

Wilbe – Become a Science Founder

Eligibility: UK post-docs working in advanced materials field of research

Dates: Applications accepted on a rolling basis

Course type: Online

Programme Overview:


BSF is an online-only practical business course for postdocs and early career scientists interested in entrepreneurship, taking place over 4 weeks, with 20 hours of interactive, hands-on sessions delivered by seasoned founders & investors, and supported by a community platform with regular in-person social gatherings. BSF is tailor-made for scientists to understand what it takes to get their discoveries off the ground, going through the ins and outs of building a company and becoming a founder, taught solely by science founders, seasoned investors and spinout experts, on subject matters from biotech to clean energy, and everything in between.


Following the course, post-docs become Wilbe Fellows and join the BSF Community to share ideas and continue networking with experienced founders, potential team members, investors and experts. So far, 120+ fellows have graduated from this course from elite institutions including Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, Max Planck, EMBL among other institutions. Multiple fellows have subsequently gone on to found their startups.


Find out more and apply here: https://www.wilbe.com/bsf

CJBS Entrepreneurship Centre

Eligibility: Undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students; Post-doctoral associates and industry researchers working with advanced materials

Dates: Check course website here. https://www.jbs.cam.ac.uk/entrepreneurship/programmes/enterprisetech/

The EnterpriseTECH programme – build your understanding of entrepreneurship through a real-world team experience

The EnterpriseTECH experience is open to graduates, PhD students, and postdocs and industry researchers, irrespective of location, who want to build their understanding of entrepreneurship through a real-world team experience.

EnterpriseTECH will help you build entrepreneurship skills, develop an understanding of commercialisation pathways and early-stage business development.

You will work in a team with researchers from other disciplines, alongside a business supervisor and an inventor team. The programme involves an immersive 4-day lecture series and a real-world team project.

With guidance from a business supervisor over 12-weeks, your team will deliver a commercial feasibility report, a video infomercial and learn to pitch. After the lecture intensive, the programme runs in the evenings and can be attended online for much of it.

Find out more here: https://www.jbs.cam.ac.uk/entrepreneurship/programmes/enterprisetech/