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National Materials Challenges sit within our Research Framework and represent a continuous, targeted initiative with the purpose of stimulating and driving materials research in the UK towards clear outcomes that meet national and global needs.

National Materials Challenges are framed through Royce in collaboration with the Materials Community. Royce, with the support of the community, builds research roadmaps against these challenges, clarifying the technology gaps and interfaces which need to be addressed, to support the development of a national research business case. These roadmaps generally look at technology which has impact across a number of the five Royce drivers

Roadmapping supports Royce to engage with researchers in both academia and industry to help drive progress in a particular area. It’s an enabling activity to both deliver the right information, at the right time and to support materials community cohesion and inclusion.

Roadmapping shapes and delivers messages that support Royce goals and invites the materials community into the conversation. Above all it facilitates connections between materials disciplines, institutes, industry experts and academia.

Current National Materials Challenges and associated Royce Roadmaps