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About the platform

The Royce Thin Film Device Materials Platform at Imperial College London provides a platform for the manufacture of bespoke thin film devices, from deposition and patterning to electrical, physical, and optical characterisation, embracing the entire research and development life cycle.

Our unique capabilities enable users to take a thin-film device – using metals, oxides or nitrides – from conception to characterisation within two weeks as all the necessary equipment is available in our laboratories.

Our vision is to work with academic and industrial partners to realise their proof-of-principle projects and process developments in our facility, and use our consolidated knowledge and expertise to enable the next generation of exciting scientific discoveries.

The facility was originally founded by Prof Neil Alford and Dr Peter Petrov in 2001 and is open to users from both academia and industry. It is located on the 8th floor of the new, state-of-the-art Sir Michael Uren Hub based at Imperial’s White City campus.

Platform Lead

Dr Peter K Petrov

Technology Platform Lead: Thin Film Device Materials

Dr Peter K Petrov is a Principal Scientist at the Dept. of Materials at Imperial College London and the Royce Technology Platform Lead for Thin Film Device Materials. He has more than 25 years of experience in the deposition and nanostructuring of thin film multilayer structures and devices. He authored more than 100 high-impact factor scientific papers with c. 2,500 citations (h=25), and five patent applications, which are now granted patents (two patents were transferred to Ericsson AB).

Dr Petrov leads an active research group of 3 PDRAs, 5 PhD students and 3 MSc students. His most recent research is on the development of plasmonic materials, nano enclosures for vaccine formulations, robust antimicrobial surfaces and devices for energy harvesting and biosensing.




Raith E-Beam Lithographer


Karl Suss Mask Aligner

OAI Mask Aligner

Spin Coater

Deposition, Patterning, Characterisation

Combined Magnetron Sputtering  (HIPIMS) and E-Beam Deposition 

Wide Beam Ion Milling

Inducitvely Coupled Palsma – Reactive Ion Etching 

Surface Profiler 

Thin Film Analyser 

Deposition, Patterning, Characterisation

HEX-L Sputtering System 

HEX Sputtering System

Combined Physical and Chemical Vapour Deposition

Reactive Ion Etching

Dicing Saw 

Surface Profiler 


Room Temperature Probe Station

Cryo Probe Station

RF LCR Meter

Semiconductor Device Analyser

Vector Network Analyser

Ferroelectric Test System

Current/Voltage Source and Measurement 

Thermal Analyser


1600°C Muffle Furnace

1200°C Tube Furnace

250°C Oven

Planetary Ball Mill

Target Press

Analytical Balance


MultiCore High-Performance X-ray Diffractometer

Scanning Electron Microscope 

Dual beam FIB with Cyro-Stage 

Characterisation, Deposition

Raman Spectrometer 

Atomic Force Microscope 

Pulsed Laser Deposition – 4 Chambers