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Royce Support for Faraday Battery Challenge Characterisation Bids

The ISCF Faraday Battery Challenge: Faraday Institution – Battery Characterisation Call closes on 4th April 2019!

The call aims to develop new characterisation and analytical techniques to support the UK’s position in electrochemical energy storage, providing enhanced new methods and capabilities to support research.

The Henry Royce Institute is working to support the UK research community by:

  • Raising awareness of the relevant facilities available across the Institute
  • Offering access to these facilities to support proposals to the call

Our characterisation facilities can achieve complete charactersation of materials from macro to nanoscale. A full list of Royce Characterisation Equipment is available here with a brief description or:

you can visit the Royce equipment catalogue for full details on all of our kit from across the partnership.

We would be happy to write letters outlining our supporting actions to ensure wider UK academic and industrial access to our characterisation equipment, both during and beyond the lifetime of these grants. In putting together proposals we advise applicants consider:

1. Submissions can include funds for access to the Institute’s characterisation equipment and this does not require a Royce partner as a collaborator

2. The Royce is happy to consider joint training workshops to support proposals and sustainability of methods developed

For more details on any of our equipment or to discuss how we can support your bid to the  Faraday Institution – Battery Characterisation Call, please contact:


T: 0161 306 7585