Royce Undergraduate Internship Scheme 2024 Opens for Applications

The Henry Royce Institute is inviting applications from higher education institutions (HEIs) across the UK to its Undergraduate Student Internship Scheme.

The annual scheme provides researchers, experimental scientists, and technical staff working in materials science and engineering disciplines with the opportunity to fund undergraduate internship projects at their home institutions.

Applications are open to all UK HEIs and the successfully awarded funding will be used to support interns within university core facilities, departments or academic groups between June and September 2024.

The Royce Undergraduate Internship Scheme 2024 has expanded to support a wider range of internship projects, covering a greater diversity of career pathways that a student can take after a degree. In addition to scientific projects, the scheme is now open to applications covering technical or experimental projects, and outreach or engagement activities on materials science.

Hear from previous participants in the Royce Internship Scheme

Student participants can expect to benefit by gaining valuable experience in a materials science work setting. They will also develop an understanding of what a PhD might entail, while learning more about the different opportunities available to them after completing their degree.

Project mentors have the chance to guide and encourage the career development of an undergraduate student. For post-doctoral and early-career researchers the projects can be a valuable opportunity to develop mentorship skills and gain experience in scientific leadership. Established group leaders also benefit from an opportunity to engage with a student and share their career experiences with them.

Academic hosts have a chance to engage with undergraduates, share career guidance and deepen the leadership skills of existing group members. Running successful internship projects can strengthen the visibility and reputation of a group, making it more attractive to future students, or even the intern themselves.

Applications to the scheme will close at 23:59 on 15 January 2024.

To apply and learn more about the Royce Undergraduate Internship Scheme 2024 visit: https://www.royce.ac.uk/internship-scheme/internship-2024/

To enquire about the scheme please contact: engagement@royce.ac.uk