Leeds University Nanotechnology Cleanroom

The Leeds Nanotechnology cleanroom’s mission is to be a leading fabrication centre, supporting cutting edge research activities across the physical and life sciences. Our team of dedicated experimental officers and technical staff are available to work with users to discuss and develop new process.

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The facility includes 200 m2 of ISO 5 (class 100) cleanroom containing a range of state-of-the art equipment to suit most micro- and nano-fabrication requirements, including photo- and e-beam lithography, deposition, wet and dry etching, post-processing and characterisation. The facility’s flagship 100 kV, Jeol 6300FS electron beam lithography tool is capable of patterning sub-10nm features on up to 6” wafers and is housed in a dedicated ISO 3 (class 1), vibration isolated room. The cleanroom facilities are supported by a suite of peripheral ‘back end’ laboratories for post-processing activities including wafer sawing, scribing, wire bonding, and electrical characterisation.

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