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Direct-write Lithography System

Direct write photolithography system

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Detailed Description

Maskless photolithography eliminates the need for a photomask: The system exposes the pattern directly onto the resist-covered surface. Design modifications are implemented by changing the CAD layout. Maximum substrate size: 6” x 6”, substrate thickness: 0.1 to 6 mm. Minimum feature 1 um in S1805. Alignment overlay < 500 nm (three sigma), linewidth variation < 120 nm (three sigma). Basic greyscale mode.


Exposing an area of 100 x 100 mm² will take approximately 30 minutes (dose of 50 mJ/cm2). The application areas of the MLA include life sciences, MEMS, micro-optics, semiconductors, sensors, actuators, MOEMS, material research, nano-tubes, and graphene.

375 nm source (2.8 W) suitable for novolac and SU-8 type resists. Active air focus system with 80um dynamic range. 100 nm address grid. 1 um min feature (in 0.5 um thick resist). Stage interferometer resolution 20 nm. Minimum substrate size 5 x 5 mm, maximum substrate size 200 mm wafer. Maximum write area 150 mm x 150 mm. Overlay accuracy < 500 nm, LER < 120 nm. minimum substrate thickness 0.15 mm, maximum 6 mm. System housed in dedicated environmental enclosure (class 10, +/-0.1 deg C stability). Grey scale mode by multipass writing.