Scia, Scia Mill 150

Ion-beam Etcher

Ion beam etching and reactive ion beam etching with SIMS endpoint

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Detailed Description

In ion beam etching bombards substrates with inert gases ions, to physically sputter away material. It is typically used to etch materials which cannot be reactively etched (do not form volatile by products) such as magnetic materials. It is highly controlled and the etch can be monitored in situ allowing etches to terminate within target layers of low nm thickness. RIBE uses an additional reactive gas to enhance the removal rate of some particular materials. Sample Load lock. Circular ion beam ECR microwave plasma source, 218 mm beam Ø, 2.45 GHz, 200 – 2000 eV, x3 N-3DC plasma bridge neutralizers, SIMS End point detection. Helium backside cooling with temperature range -10°C to 100°C (phototoresist masks can be used). Sample rotation (typically 3 rpm) and tilt (-90 tp +60 in 0.1 deg steps). Inert Ar milling & CHF3, O2, BCl3, Cl2 RIBE & CAIBE modes (reactive gases not currently hooked up). Currently configured for maximum 100 mm Ø substrates but can be configured to load a 150 mm Ø substrates. Uniformity of 100 nm SiO2 etch (150 mm wafer) stdev 1%.


Very controlled etching of materials, especially those which cannot be reactively etched. Applications include magnetic devices, etching of nanometer-scale features, wafer and film thinning, angled etching