Biomedical Systems

Medical technology is strategically important for the UK and a key contributor to economic growth, with a turnover in excess of £16 billion. Novel medical approaches to improve human health and well-being are essential for maintaining the UK’s internationally leading position. Major developments and emerging technologies with far reaching impacts are expected in the areas of regenerative medicine, stratified medicine, and remote sensing / monitoring. A new generation of “smart” biomaterials is required.

The Biomedical Systems and Devices is a key theme within the Henry Royce Institute and intends to accelerate the discovery, manufacture and translation of biomaterials through a platform of state-of-the-art equipment, enhancing the UK position as an international leader in the fields of biomaterials and biomedical systems and devices. It will enable fabrication and evaluation equipment suites to allow the currently missing feedback loop for efficiency and optimisation to translate biomaterial/biomedical devices. This platform provides the UK biomaterials community with unique technical resources and state-of-the-art equipment, complemented by existing laboratories at the Royce Institute partners and other Universities and Research Centres.

The two identified grand challenges of advanced biomaterials research are restoring biological function with minimal invasiveness (e.g. regenerative medicine, novel prosthetics and implants) and developing new therapies that reduce patient risk, improve efficacy, and lower cost (e.g. nanomedicine theranostics and personalised medicine). To meet these challenges and develop disruptive technologies, we need flexible, adaptive manufacturing capability, and high-throughput equipment for physicochemical and biological characterization. This project will enable the discovery of novel biomaterial and biomedical devices whilst accelerating the translation of such materials via scale up production facilities and efficient and appropriate evaluation and characterisation suites.

Henry Royce partners – the research will be led by academics from the universities of Manchester and Sheffield

Biomedical systems academic champions
Professor Sarah Cartmell, The University of Manchester.

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