RegenHU 3D Discovery Evolution

Multi-material cell printer (Biosafety cabinet)

This 3D Discovery instrument is capable of printing cells, gels, melt extruded polymers and melt elecetrospun polymers. The instrument is mounted within a BioSafety Cabinet for generation of cell-seeded sterile constructs.

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Detailed Description

This is a state-of-the-art bio additive manufacturing system that addresses the major current barriers for multi-material printing at multiple scale levels.

The BioFactory™ is a versatile and cell friendly three-dimensional manufacturing instrument allowing scientists to pattern cells, bio-molecules and a range of soft and rigid materials in desirable 3D composite structures, mimicking natural environments.

  • Up to 8 printheads
  • Printhead technology convergence
  • Customisation to user process


The system integrates multiple printing heads allowing for operation with up to three different materials (cell-friendly ink-jet, polymer extrusion, hydrogel dispensing) and an additional electrospinning printhead for micro and sub-micrometer manufacturing.

Modular Printhead Concept


± 5 μm

Temperature Control

From 5 ºC up to 80 ºC

Laser Kit

100mW output tunable power; 0.3 mm beam diameter;  λ  = 473 nm

Dimensions (W x L x H)

1370 x 1030 x 2400 mm

Working Range

60 x 60 x 60 mm

Flow Box

Laminar flow bench; HEPA H14-Filtration; UV Lamp for decontamination


BioCADTM, BioCAMTM, BioCUTTM, Industry standard interfaces (STL, DICOM, AMF, DXF)

Camera Module

High-speed CCD camera for droplet parameterisation