University of Manchester’s “Tomorrow Labs” campaign showcases trailblazing research facilities

October sees the launch of “Tomorrow Labs” a major campaign designed to highlight the breath of the University of Manchester’s scientific activities and capabilities.

UoM is home to one of the largest test-beds in UK academia – where the brightest minds are devising real-world solutions. Manchester researchers turn theory into reality, tackling the biggest global challenges from net zero to food security, future homes to health.

At the centre of the Tomorrow Labs campaign is a striking, interactive online brochure which profiles Manchester’s nineteen trailblazing science and engineering research laboratories.

Readers can navigate the new online brochure by theme:

  • Artificial intelligence and robotics
  • Biotechnology
  • Energy systems
  • Healthcare
  • Materials
  • Quantum and digital
  • Space

The Henry Royce Institute features extensively in the brochure which sets out the Institute’s role providing access to world-class research capabilities, infrastructure, expertise, and skills development. Royce also works with the UK materials community to develop solutions to national and global challenges.

Royce is the front door to the UK materials research and innovation community and its facilities and expertise are open to both academia and industry.

At The University of Manchester specifically it can help make, test, characterise and model materials in line with the institute’s research themes: 2D Materials, Advanced Metals Processing, Atoms to Devices, Biomedical Materials, Chemical Materials Design, Nuclear Materials and Materials Systems for Demanding Environments.