Scientists From New Regional Innovation Centre Engage Local Communities with Royce Outreach

Royce scientists from the new Centre of Expertise in Advanced Materials and Sustainability (CEAMS) have been engaging with local communities to raise the profile of sustainable science across Greater Manchester.

CEAMS is a state-of-the-art centre funded by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology’s Innovation Accelerator programme. The Henry Royce Institute for Advanced Materials (Royce) is a CEAMS partner, helping to guide the centre’s activities as well as hosting an array of its projects.

CEAMS aims to support research and development into sustainable materials, which are innovative alternatives to traditional materials that could offer new ways to limit our environmental impact.

Aerospace, manufacturing, textiles and the energy sectors are all examples of industries seeking to transition towards a more sustainable future, with advancements in materials science offering a significant boost in reaching this goal.

Recently, Royce scientists from CEAMS attended two separate events, the Green Together Festival, hosted at Manchester Central Library, and a Primary Engineering Day at Thorn Grove Primary School, to connect with members of the general public in-person and stimulate discussion around the sustainable materials and technologies which might impact our lives.

The Green Together Festival is a three-day event that took place from the 22nd – 24th February with a goal of kickstarting conversations with the public about ways to achieve a greener future. The event featured a comprehensive list of experts leading talks on sustainability alongside hand-on activities and experiments for attendees to explore.

CEAMS attended the event to share the science behind renewable energy systems through interactive, digestible displays and fun activities prepared by Royce’s Outreach Team. The planned activities included an interactive hydrogen fuel-cell car demonstration, a puzzle to understand sustainable fuels and their uses, and buildable mini-wind turbines.

Renewable energy systems such as hydrogen, for example, will play a major role in reaching Net Zero. They will also help to reduce carbon emissions in manufacturing, transport, and the foundation industries, which collectively form the UK’s largest industrial polluters.

Dr. Angelos Tsanai, Application Scientist for CEAMS and Royce said:

“I am really happy to have participated in the event and would highly recommend it. Families attended, with parents often expressing interest learning about the Henry Royce Institute and our work, while children were engaged with the activities, making it a fun day for everyone!

Other outreach activities conducted by the team included a visit to Thorn Grove Primary School in Cheadle as part of the school’s celebrations for Primary Engineering Day.  Materials science and engineering are intertwined, with frequent collaborations between the two disciplines. CEAMS engaged with KS2 pupils, presenting information on engineers and what they do.

The team spoke of their own involvement with the scientific community through their roles at the Institute and answered questions on Royce’s facilities, projects and partners through an interactive Q&A.

As well as a presentation, CEAMS also demonstrated how fuel cells work through a number of outreach activities developed by the Royce team.

The visit swiftly followed National Science Week, a ten-day celebration of science, engineering, technology and maths taking place in March. Synchronising the team’s visit with national initiatives ensures that CEAMS remains well-aligned with broader outreach activities taking place across the country.

Outreach at Royce

Outreach events can foster curiosity, appreciation and understanding of scientific advancements, applications and concepts within the general public.

Royce is the UK’s leading national institute for advanced materials and is committed to inspiring the next generation of materials scientists and engineers into the field. Through outreach events, Royce and its partners actively foster an engaged learning community in materials science and engineering.

Sharing the science behind technologies with significant global impact, such as how materials science is helping us reach Net Zero, is essential to building an informed society that has a strong connection to the scientific community.

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