Royce to welcome Dean’s Doctoral Scholar Award recipient

The Henry Royce Institute is delighted that one of our incoming PhD students has secured a prestigious Dean’s Doctoral Scholar Award.

Shiying Qin, who is currently undertaking an MSc in Materials Physics and Chemistry at Sichuan University, China, has been awarded the highly competitive PhD Studentship to fund her research into thermal barrier coatings for aeroengine applications. The project, which will involve close collaboration between academia and industry, aims to develop next-generation coatings to enhance the performance of engine components in demanding environments.

Jointly supervised by Professor Ping Xiao and Professor Philip Withers of the Henry Royce Institute and the University of Manchester’s School of Materials, Miss Qin will join the University in September 2018, and is looking forward to contributing to one of the Royce’s Manchester-led research areas, Material Systems for Demanding Environments.


“I am so excited to receive the Dean’s Doctoral Scholar Award. This highly prestigious award not only provides me with an immense opportunity to do the research I am interested in, but also reminds me to continue working hard in the future. I will devote myself to materials research because materials development can make the world a better place.”


Regius Professor Phil Withers, the Royce’s Chief Scientist, is thrilled to welcome a Dean’s Award beneficiary to the team.

“We are aiming to establish a national cohort of ‘Royce scholars’, forming an extended network of the best materials talents. Having a Dean’s Award recipient participating in one of our key research areas is a great step forward in helping the next generation of scientists engage in a wider materials community.”

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