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Manchester Materials Modelling Centre

Materials modelling is inherently interdisciplinary, requiring skill sets across diverse subject areas. Academics responsible for initiating the centre reside in many different Schools.

Integral to the Manchester Materials Modelling Centre (M3C) is the fusion of knowledge involving computational, analytical and data-driven methods and their link to experiments.

More people will be added here as M3C moves towards its launch.

Prof William J. Parnell

Professor William J Parnell

William J. Parnell is Professor of Applied Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics. His main research interests reside in developing new applied mathematical techniques in order to model, design and fabricate materials with novel mechanical and acoustic properties and principally complex composites and metamaterials.

Dr Chris Race

Dr. Chris Race

Chris Race is a Royal Society University Research Fellow in the Department of Materials. His research uses atomistic simulation to uncover the behaviour of extended defects in materials and to better understand degradation processes in materials for the nuclear and aerospace industries.

Dr. Paola Carbone

Dr. Paola Carbone

Paola Carbone is a Senior lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science. Her research interests are centered on the simulation of complex fluids including development of models, force fields and algorithms to predict thermodynamic, dynamic and structural properties of polymers, surfactans and electrolyte solutions.