Manufacturing Carbon-Neutral Steel by 2040

£35M investment in cleaner, greener, smarter production

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A new manufacturing research hub will help revolutionise the industry and reduce the environmental impact of steel production – currently responsible for 9% of global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels.

Royce researchers at the University of Sheffield will partner with industry experts and leading academics to establish a new manufacturing research hub that will help to transform the steel industry, creating new and more sustainable products and processes.

The SUSTAIN Manufacturing Hub, led by the National Steel Innovation Centre and supported by unique Royce capability including a vacuum arc furnace at Sheffield, will focus on delivering two main themes:

– Making the steel industry carbon-neutral by 2040

– Developing new products and processes

Steel is already the world’s most recycled material, but SUSTAIN will investigate new ways of making the industry’s processes and products even greener, such as harvesting untapped energy sources, capturing carbon emissions and re-processing societal and industrial waste streams.


A Partnership of leading UK researchers and steel manufacturers

With £35 million of investment from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), SUSTAIN brings together partners from the Universities of Swansea, Sheffield and Warwick with key the UK steel industry, including Tata Steel, British Steel, Celsa Steel and Liberty Speciality.

UK STeel Gareth Stace

“A vital piece of the puzzle to help deliver our vision of a cutting-edge, vibrant and sustainable steel industry in the UK”

Director General, UK Steel