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10 January 2023

Royce@Cambridge Biosuite Equipment Launch

Date :
10 January 2023
Time :
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Location :
Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy
Event Type :
facility tour

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This event marks the launch of the Royce 3D Bioelectronics Suite; a suite of equipment featuring a 2photon laser scanning microscope, along with equipment for cell growth and freeze drying.

This event will feature short talks covering an overview of the capabilities of the 3D Bioelectronics Facility, current projects, and research directions. This will be followed by tours of the labs and the opportunity to hold informal discussion with PIs/Facility manager about further work.

10:00-10:30am: Introductory talk presenting the facility capabilities, research directions and Royce Access Funding.
10:30-12:00: Tours and informal discussions. Refreshments.
12 noon: 3D Bioelectronics Facility Opening.

This equipment supports the Biomaterials Theme of the Royce Institute.
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For more information on applying for funding to access this equipment please see the following link or email: 
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This suite includes: a freeze dryer; cell box with CO2 incubator; laminar flow hood (MSC); refrigerated centrifuge with pipette sets and waterbath; fluorescence microscope; various electrical acquisition equipment – including Potentiostat for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, and accessories for 3D in vitro electrical monitoring; a Quantum Design Electrical probe station for ultra-low power (currents of < 1pA and voltage of <100mV) measurements; Ultima 2photon laser scanning microscope (Coherent laser), with integrated patch clamp and manipulators for MEA (multielectrode array) electrophysiology recordings; Optec laser systems laser microfabrication suite (LaFab) for rapid prototyping of 3D bioelectronic devices at multiple length scales.