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7 December 2023 |

IWP Digital Change Workshop 3

Date :
07 December 2023
Time :
11:30 am - 1:00 pm
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Hosted by the University of Sheffield’s Management School, this event joins researchers from the Institute of Work Psychology, Sheffield University Management School to find out more about the important human factors to consider when implementing an inclusive and responsible Digital Change.

If you play a part in managing digital change or implementing business models in your organisation, or you are involved in digital change through your role in engineering, production, technology, operations management, or human resources, this workshop is for you and it’s open to professionals from any sector.

Digital Change is usually associated with solutions for improving customer experience, fostering employee innovation and spurring company growth and sustainability. However, implementing Digital Change can be challenging if organisations neglect the people, cultural and organisational impacts.

What the workshop involves

Engaging presentations: Explore a Toolkit that helps organisations to manage the design, implementation and evaluation of an inclusive and responsible Digital Change Interactive session: Exchange best practices and experiences among participants Contribute your insights to help advance research and shape the future of this transformative concept in materials-intensive industries

This workshop provides access to new opportunities and responsible methods of Digital Change. The insights gathered will be used to create a valuable online resource for organisations and shared with you on completion.


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