26 September 2023 | Workshop

Introduction to Intellectual Property: Shaped for Materials Science

Date :
26 September 2023
Time :
10:00 am - 11:00 am

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About the Webinar

In this webinar, Henry Shine and Neal Pollock, patent attorneys at Wilson Gunn, will provide a beginner-friendly overview of the main intellectual property rights and concepts applicable to the field of materials science. The aim is to help viewers better understand and navigate the path to research commercialisation, through a description of real-world case studies to show how the theory was put into practice for previous materials science innovations.


About the hosts

Henry Shine

Henry is a European and Chartered UK Patent Attorney who joined Wilson Gunn in 2019 shortly after finishing his PhD in Biological Physics at the University of Manchester.  His PhD explored the mechanical properties of bio-inspired soft materials using high-speed video tracking and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy at the PSI.  Henry’s patent practice primarily covers engineering, software and technology such as in the construction, automotive, medical and cybersecurity industries.  Henry also advises on trade mark and design matters.

Neal Pollock

Neal completed a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Sheffield before entering the patent profession in 2008.  He initially worked in-house for Tata Steel in the Netherlands, and joined Wilson Gunn in 2014.  He is also a qualified European and Chartered UK Patent Attorney.  Neal’s patent practice covers a broad range of technical fields including materials science, polymer chemistry, surface chemistry, renewable energy, additive manufacturing, pesticides, coatings, carbon nanomaterials, textiles, filtration and construction.  Neal also advises on copyright and design matters.