PHI XPS Versaprobe III With Ar-Ion Gun

X-Ray Photoelectron spectroscopy (PHI XPS Versaprobe III)

An XPS setup utilising a monochromated Al Kα (1486 eV) source capable of spatially resolved chemical state analysis. Capable of in situ lithium deposition and in situ / operando electrochemical cycling.

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Detailed Description

Highly automated, high energy resolution XPS instrument that uses a scanned, focused, monochromatic X-ray beam specifically designed for spatially resolved chemical state analysis. Beam rastering allows the acquisition of secondary electron images and XPS data from identical points. The unique multi-channel detector and fast electronics allow rapid data collection and maximum sensitivity for scanned and un-scanned modes. A variety of sample holders allow for added functionality, including material sputtering, low temperature (below 300 °C) sample heating and application of electrical currents for in situ / operando electrochemical studies.


Surface sensitive (3 to 5 nm), chemically specific analysis of a wide range of materials under an ultra-high vacuum environment. Through the use of depth profiling (argon ion beam etching) surface layering on the tens of nm scale can be achieved. In-situ lithium metal deposition through ion beam sputtering is possible for in situ formation of electrodes. Electrochemical connections to the sample stage allow for in situ and operando electrochemical studies (specialised cells may need to be developed for this – please contact for more information).

Micro-focused X-ray source for SEM like navigation and operation
• Optimised configuration and multiple options for thin film depth profile analysis (angle resolved XPS)
• Flexible monatomic Ar ion beam
• Cluster ion gun available: GCIB with New cluster size measurement tool
• Auger performance providing high energy resolution and good signal to noise
• Complete electronic band structure characterisation:
• UPS with high sensitivity and energy resolution
• Reflection Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (REELS)
• Analyser input lens with high sensitivity for all analysis conditions
• Multichannel detector for fast elemental and chemical imaging
• 4-contact sample mount for in-situ electrochemical experiments
• Software for thin film structural analysis
• In-situ sputtering stage for thin film deposition
• Transfer vessel: easy loading of samples under inert atmosphere from glove box or vacuum