Precision X-Ray MR350 X-Ray Cabinet Irradiator

X-Ray Irradiator

X-ray irradiator for materials, chemical & biological samples, electronics

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Detailed Description

  • Maximum dose rate 30 Gy/min

  • Broad X-ray energy spectrum provided by Bremsstrahlung, after accelerating an electron beam onto a tungsten plate

  • Peak x-ray energies are approximately 10 – 115 keV (electron acceleration voltage 30 – 350 keV)

  • Electron current of 0.1 – 30 mA (maximum total power is 4 kW)

  • Irradiation chamber measures 41cm wide by 88cm deep and 58cm high

  • Automatic dose rate sensing, a range of apertures, and a turntable to improve dose homogeneity

  • Insertion chambers can be used to change the gas atmosphere (e.g. CO2 or hypoxic)

  • Access ports allow for connection to external instruments