Consarc - 25kg VIM with ISM, and 10kg VIM

Vacuum Induction Melting Suite

25kg Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM) furnace with ISM coil for alloy manufacture, and 10kg VIM for smaller samples.

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Detailed Description

A VIM system is a perfect tool for small-scale Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Al-based alloy production. The furnace is also able to produce the alloys of some reactive metals such as Ti and Zr in a water-cooled copper crucible using the ISM coil. The 10kg VIM is ideal for R&D purposes.

By controlling the chamber pressure and the temperature, and with the help of inductive melt stirring, it is possible to obtain homogenous alloys with desired chemistry. Melting under vacuum conditions enables slag-free melting and riddance of unwanted dissolved gasses and elements.

The 10kg VIM system has a small (for 5 kg) coil in addition to the large (for 10 kg) one, which makes it possible to produce relatively smaller samples.

An overmelt charger allows making alloying element charging, sample taking and temperature measurement via thermocouple. The furnace also benefits from an optical pyrometer, which makes it possible to measure the temperature of the metal without contact.

Maximum mould height can be 700 mm in the 25kg VIM, or 350mm in the 10kg VIM.

The 10kg VIM also has a rotating mould stage to cast multiple samples in one heat.


This equipment makes it possible to:

  • refine metals and alloys
  • manufacture Ti alloys for aerospace and medical applications
  • manufacture Co alloys for medical applications
  • manufacture special steels for nuclear application
  • manufacture complex Ni-based alloys for jet engines and power plants
  • manufacture light Al alloys for aerospace and automotive applications

25kg VIM Features

Equipped with:

  • Diffusion pump for rapid vacuuming up to 10-5 mbar
  • Partial pressure operation in a pressure set between 20 mbar – 100 mbar,
  • User-friendly PLC-based controls with touch panel, full data logging, and additions charging with manual overmelt charger
  • Power-driven crucible tilting.

10kg VIM

  • Equipped with a diffusion pump for rapid vacuuming up to 10-5 mbar
  • user-friendly PLC-based controls with touch panel
  • full data logging
  • easy additions charging with power-driven overmelt charger
  • manual crucible tilting

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