MRF Developed 0037 SSMT

Vacuum Chamber for High Temperature Testing

Together with the Deben Microtest 5000W and LaVision µDIC digital image correlation system forms a Small Scale Mechanical Tester.

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Detailed Description

Enables testing of samples on a Deben Microtest 5000W in-situ load frame whilst under vacuum and additional measurements with the LaVision digital image correlation system.


Mechanical testing of small scale samples at temperature and under vacuum.

For Deben load frame and LaVision DIC see separate listings.
Vacuum Chamber; vertical cylinder Inner diameter 24″, height 8″, ports 4 x DN63CF, 4 x DN40CF, removable lid with 1 x DN150CF port.
Vacuum level after 1 hour pumping 1 x 10-5 mbar.