Agilent Cary 5000

UV/Visual Spectroscopy

A spectroscopic technique which can be used to quantify the amount of specific analytes in a sample at a single wavelength. A full spectral scan can also be obtained using this technique to identify absorbance bands in a sample.

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Detailed Description

Results are usually generated in a spectral format with wavelength on the x axis and either absorbance or reflectance on the y axis.

The diffuse reflectance Accessory (DRA) enables the user to characterise the reflectance of a solid material and determine the colour of the material

175 -3300nm wavelength range
Up to 8.0 Absorbance units
Variable slit widths down to 0.01nm
Sample holders for liquids and films
Internal diffuse reflectance accessory (DRA) for measurement of reflectance of solid samples
Full WinUV software suite for: Colour, Concentration, Dissolution, Simple scans and full spectral scans