Thermo Scientific ESCAlab X-ray photoelectron spectrometer with UV and X-ray excitation sources

UPS/XPS System

High-throughput chemical surface analysis by X-ray and UV photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)

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Detailed Description

This is a state-of-the-art ESCAlab 250Xi photoemission system, which is capable of performing a wide range of surface and bulk spectroscopies under inert, ultra-high vacuum (UHV < 10-8 mbar) conditions.


With this system it is possible to obtain high sensitivity information about chemical composition and electronic structure on clean surfaces without the measurement being compromised by surface reactions or atmospheric species being adsorbed on the surface.

• XPS for chemical analysis of surfaces under inert, UHV conditions
• Ultra-violet photoemission spectroscopy (UPS) for measurements of valence bands and work functions with a 21.2 eV excitation source Angle resolved XPS (AR-XPS) by varying angle of the sample to vary the analysis depth down to a few nm. This is a non-destructive technique
• Depth profiling XPS (DP-XPS) which combines a sequence of argon ion gun etch cycles with XPS analysis