Triple Quadrupole Detector Mass Spectrometer

A triple quadrupole is a mass spectrometer in which the first and third quadrupoles act as mass filters and the second quadrupole fragments the analyte within a collision cell.

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Detailed Description

The increased selectivity, improved signal to noise ratio, lower limits of quantitation and wider linear range make this an excellent method for challenging samples. The TQD is connected to a quaternary liquid chromatography system enabling both isocratic and gradient elution or a Waters UPC2 SFC system for the separation of complex mixtures prior to mass spectrometry.

• Waters Xevo TQD
• Mass Range: 2 to 2048 m/z
• Scan Speed: Up to 10,000 Da/s
• Mass Stability: Mass drift < 0.1Da (24h)
• Up to 16,384 MRM channels
• ESI, APCI and ESCi® ionization sources
• Acquisition modes:
• Full Scan MS
• Product ion scan
• Precursor ion scan
• Multiple reaction monitoring
• Autosampler: 96 x 2 mL vials
• Column temperatures: 20 to 65°C