Thermal treatment suite

A range of rigs and furnaces dedicated to the investigation of the behaviour of active materials at elevated temperatures

  • Partner:The University of Manchester
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Detailed Description

Along with furnaces this suite includes loading rigs with tension, compression and cyclic capability. Three rigs will be fitted out with a furnace to enable in situ testing of active material under controlled environments at temperatures up to at least 800 deg C and one 1.6l autocalve for operation at 360 deg C and 200 bar.


It is necessary to understand the impact of prolonged radiation on the mechanical performance of a range of materials such as graphite and Zircaloy used in fission and fusion facilities. Understanding the corrosion impact on radionuclide behaviour in encapsulated or enclosed form is vital in understanding the state of our current waste stockpile and making the most economical choices in its handling and disposal. Understanding the future behaviour of the UK’s proposed geological disposal facility requires intimate knowledge of the interaction of radionuclides with the materials used in the construction of the facility.

This suite has a bespoke furnace capable of holding specimens at 3000 deg C; a high temperature high pressure autoclave; two thermal treatment rigs with integrated Carbon-14 and continuous gas analysers with a 10 kN capacity to accommodate the broadest possible range of user requirements, from soft biomaterials and polymers to high strength engineering alloys; two thermal creep rigs with inpsitu and ex-situ capabilities, 3D DIC and gas analysers; tube furnace, vaccum furnace, chamber furnace, several low temeprature ovens.

Equipment in use:

Carbolite-Gero LHTG 100-200/30-1G
Cormet Bespoke System for Irradiated Materials
Carbolite-Gero HTRH 18/100/600
Instron 68TM-30 30kN Test System
Carbolite-Gero TS1 12/60/150
Hiden of HPR-20 R&D Gas Analyser Systems
La Vision Strainmaster 3D Micro DIC
Carbolite MTT Tritium Thermal Treatment Rigs
Carbon-14 Analysers
Hiden Gas Analysers
Severn Thermal Solutions Vertical Tube Furnaces
Carbolite Horizontal Tube Furnaces
Fisons Vacuum Pump
Carbolite CTF Tube Furnace
Carbolite A-Series Laboratory Furnace
Severn Thermal Solutions TF105/3/12/F
Ambrell East Heat LI Induction Heater