TA Instruments Ltd. Discovery SDT 650 Auto - Simultaneous DSC-TGA Hiden Ltd. HPR-20 EGA Research grade Bench-top Gas Analysis System (integration with TGA SDT650).

Thermal-Gravimetric Analysis with Mass Spectrometry (TGA-MS)

Thermal Gravimetric Analysis with Mass-Spectrometry (TGA-MS)

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Detailed Description

Simultaneous thermal analysis (STA) allows the simultaneous application of thermogravimetry (TGA) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) to a single sample in one instrument. The instrument is coupled to an evolved gas analyser that can determine the products of thermal degradation in situ.


The combination of TGA-MS allows not only the thermal decomposition of polymers to be measured but also the nature of evolved products to be understood. This can allow the mechanism of degradation to be interpreted by the chemical identity of the products formed.

The SDT650 can operate from abient up to 1500°C with a precision of ±0.5°C.
TGA can be perfomed under vacuum, in air or in nitrogen.
Incorporates dual beam technology for improved heat-flow characteristics.
Only 200mg of sample required.
The Hiden HPR-20 EGA can operate up to 200°C.
Fast response time of 300ms.
Can detect molecules at concentrations as low as 100ppb.
Gas pressure can range from 10mbar up to 2bar.