Thermal analysis suite

This suite can characterise coatings from room temperature to 1600°C.

  • Partner:The University of Manchester
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Detailed Description

This suite includes: Netzsch LFA427 – high temp laser flash thermal diffusivity (capability room temperature to 1600°C); Netzsch DIL402PC – High temperature dilatometer (room temperature to 1550°C); Netzsch STA409 – High temperature simultaneous thermogravimetry  & differential scanning calorimetry; Micro Materials NanoTest Vantage P3 and TA instruments – Fox50 (heat flow meter). Together these instruments enables the mechanical characterisation and testing of engineering materials at operationally relevant conditions.


Our research focus is to examine degradation of ceramic coatings/layers in harsh environments.

Equipment in use includes:

TA Instruments Fox50 (Heat Flow Meter)
Netzsch DIL402PC High Temperature Dilatometer
Netzsch STA409 High Temperature Simultaneous Thermogravimetry & Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Netzsch LFA427 High Temp Laser Flash Thermal Diffusivity
Setaram TG
Micro Materials NanoTest Vantage P3
Carbolite Tube Furnace ~ 1200°C
Solartron SI1255 HF Frequency Response Analyser
Solartron 1296 Dielectric Interface