AJA sputter deposition system / Zeiss Cross-beam 540 focused ion beam/electron beam system

Sputter Deposition / Nanoscale Patterning Suite

Users can combine physical vapour deposition and nano-patterning and growth of metallic structures for devices. As a combined suite, these two systems offer the capability for 3D heterostructure device fabrication for magnetic and optical materials systems.

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Detailed Description

The sputtering system has numerous targets for the growth of complex metallic heterostructures for devices. The dual beam FIB-SEM system offers an alternative to the standard subtractive etch process used in optical lithography. This system can produce smaller devices without breaking vacuum, and without forming ex-situ interfaces.



Heterostructure device fabrication for a range of magnetic and optical materials systems

The AJA sputterer contains a load-lock and is configured with eleven targets, internal calibration, and automated processes. The dual-beam SEM-FIB system uses a range of ion sources including a Ga ion beam to enable direct patterning of micro- and nano-pillar devices.