Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionziation mass spectrometer (MALDI-MS) Bruker AutoFlex

Soft ionization Mass Spectrometery

This Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionisation – Mass Spectrometer is suitable for a wide range of samples from intact proteins to polymers.

  • Partner / Location:University of Liverpool
  • Contact:Steven Robinson
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Detailed Description

Matrix selections is key to obtain good results. It is a destructive technique.

As the mass spectrometer is coupled to a powerful laser, it is capable of measuring high mass ranges that are not possible with a traditional ESI/APCI source.

MALDI Perpetual Ion Source
Pulsed Ion Extraction
Bruker Smartbeam technology
MS/MS capability
ToF analyser for linear and reflectron measurements
Ground Steel, Anchor Chip and Polished Steel target

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