Linseis STA PT1600

Simultaneous Thermal Analyser

The Simultaneous Thermal Analyser combines thermo-gravimetric analysis with differential scanning calorimetry. Both weight changes and heat flow into a material can be measured as a function of temperature in a controlled atmosphere.

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Detailed Description

Both Simultaneous Thermal Analysers at the UKAEA Materials Research Facility MRF use platinum crucibles for superior temperature uniformity. The instruments are equipped with furnaces for operation at -100-500°C and RT- 1600°C. They are fully automated and can be controlled remotely.


TGA: Investigating weight changes in samples from oxidation, thermal decomposition etc. DSC: investigating melting points, glass transitions, reaction kinetics, percentage crystallinity, etc

Temperature range

-100-500°C / RT-1600°C


0-35g, resolution 0.1µg

Enthalpy accuracy


Specific Heat accuracy


Temperature accuracy

+/-0.5°C or 0.25%


ASTM E914 , E1131, E1868, DIN 51006, ISO 7111, 11358