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Near-Net-Shape Manufacturing welding cell

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Detailed Description

This system can perform robotic arc welding and additive manufacturing of large-scale components from weldable metal alloys. Multiple arc heat sources can be used such as Metal Inert Gas (MIG) with Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) process and Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) process with either cold-wire or powder deposition. The welding and robotic equipment have been integrated into a single cell which can be adapted to suit different applications for advanced metal processing.


Additive manufacturing, welding, and cladding of large-scale components using either metal powder or wire feedstock. Melt pool visualization and temperature measurement are provided by additional cameras that can capture the metal transfer and thermal cycles induced within the component.

• Robot KUKA KR 20 R1810-2
• Rated payload: 20 kg
• Max. reach: 1813 mm
• Number of axes: 6
• Pose repeatability (ISO 9283): ± 0.04 mm
• External axis KP1 V1000 with a maximum payload of 1000 kg
• Robot KUKA KR 70 R2100
• Rated payload: 70 kg
• Max. reach: 2101 mm
• Number of axes: 6
• Pose repeatability (ISO 9283): ± 0.05 mm
• Fronius CMT Twin system (CMT 4000 Advanced and TransPuls Synergic 4000 CMT):
• The system can be used in single wire or tandem wire configuration.
• Synergic lines are available for standard metallic alloys (e.g. Aluminium, Nickel, Stainless steel, Carbon steel, etc.). For new materials, synergic lines need to be developed.
• Wire feed speed of up to 22 m/min depending on synergic line selected.
• CMT 4000 Advanced can provide a combination arc with negatively and positively polarised CMT or pulse cycles.
• Fronius Plasma system (2 x TransTig 5000 Job):
• Each welding unit can deliver a max. of 350 A current and power sharing configuration allows currents up to 700 A at 100 % Duty Cycle.
• Dedicated plasma module allows plasma welding to be carried out with a TIG power source.
• Plasma current range: 3 – 30 A.
• Plasma gas: Argon 0.2 – 10 l/min
• Recirculating chiller CU4700 provides constant cooling for the welding torch.
• Additional cold-wire delivery system (KD drive unit) with max. wire feed speed of 11 m/min can be mounted on the plasma torch for wire deposition.
• Castolin E52 powder plasma torch and EP3 powder feed unit:
• Integrated on the Fronius plasma module.
• Max/ powder feed rate of 80 g/min.
• Arc current: 5 – 40 A
• Plasma gas: Argon 0.7 – 2.5 l/min