Materials Research Facility Capability

Research Rooms

Radiation shielded rooms that house selected scientific equipment in the MRF’s portfolio.

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Detailed Description

The MRF Research Rooms are radiation shielded rooms built to house scientific equipment. This enables measurements to be conducted on samples that have been irradiated and are therefore themselves radioactive. The scientific equipment is modified for this purpose to minimise the probability of damage to the equipment. The rooms’ walls are several tens of centimetres thick reinforced concrete with heavy steel doors. The doors and service penetrations have engineered seals and the rooms are kept below atmospheric pressure by a nuclear extract ventilation system. Ancillary equipment includes a sample trolley docking station and storage ‘castle’, robotic sample handling system, monitoring systems; radiation and cameras and where needed others including oxygen depletion.


The rooms house specific equipment e.g. FIB, SEM as listed for the MRF and can be used according to the instruments capabilities. The rooms are not available as facilities in their own right. Substantial engineering is required in order to integrate a piece of equipment into a Research Room.

Design activity limit, Beta/Gamma 3.75GBq 60Co.
Docking station for receipt of samples from Hot-Cell Line.
Robotic sample handling system.
Remote control of scientific equipment from control room.
Human handleable samples at lower activities can also be accommodated.