Japan Analytical Indsutries Ltd. Recycling Preparative HPLC LaboACE LC-7080 GPC

Recycling GPC (R-GPC)

Preparative recycling GPC for high resolution data.

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Detailed Description

Recycling GPC allows 24/7 operation for large-scale purification of step-growth monomers, macroinitiators, block copolymers, semiconducting polymers, supramolecular polymers, hyperbranched polymers, dendrimers, stars, polymer and molecular cages. It fractionates the materials to recover the desired polymer fraction to deliver the highest or optimal performance in use.


Able to purify mg to gram quantities of starting materials, intermediates and final products. Widely used in many organic synthesis fields to separate target compounds from impurities. Also effective for purification and isolation of biologically active substance and to collect large volumes of active ingredient in pharmaceutical development.

Recycling GPC with repeat injection, junk peak removal and sample collection all available.
Dual detection uses both UV and RI.
Non-diffusion devices and automatic cleanup allow for ultra-pure sample collection.
Flow rate control from 0.1mL up to 80mL per minute.