Oxford Instruments PlasmaPro 80 Cobra ICP Etch System

Reaction ion etch

Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching.

  • Partner:University of Oxford
  • Facility:DWB Cleanroom
  • Availability:Available
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Detailed Description

The PlasmaPro 80 reactive ion etch (RIE) is a compact, small footprint system offering versatile etch and deposition solutions with convenient open loading. It enables high performance processes using optimised electrode cooling and excellent substrate temperature control. The open load design allows fast wafer loading and unloading, ideal for research, prototyping and low-volume production.


Applications include: III-V etch processes, silicon Bosch and cryo-etch processes, SiO2 and quartz etch, failure analysis, dry etch de-processing ranging from packaged chip and die etch through to full 200mm wafer etch, hard mask deposition and etch for high brightness LED production.

Up to 200mm wafers
Open load design allows fast wafer loading and unloading
Excellent etch control and rate determination
Excellent wafer temperature uniformity