PVD Thin Film Deposition

Research and development tool for thin film deposition (evaporated or sputtered) under vacuum conditions.

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Detailed Description

The medium size chamber offers additional space for more sources and optional deposition tools such as substrate heating and masking. The rectangular chamber design also offers additional pump configurations such as more powerful turbo-molecular and cryo-pumps.


Thin film deposition under an inert environment
Surface coatings and functionalisation
Material layering, alloying and diffusion studies.

Vacuum Chamber Specifications

Rectangular Chamber Design 500 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm (width x depth x height) (inner volume 125 l). Full stainless steel with rear hinged service door and front sliding door. Removable protective shielding. Base flange with 24 high vacuum ports for source mounting. Top flange with high vacuum feedthroughs for substrate shutter and substrate rotation
DN160 interface for vacuum pump stack
Shielded DN100 viewport in front door
Ultimate vacuum down to: < 9 x 10-7 mbar

Evaporation Technology

Thermal resistance evaporation, Temperature controlled organic evaporation
RF, DC or DC Pulsed Magnetron sputtering
RF Magnetron sputtering with reactive gases and upstream or downstream control (mass flow controller), Electron beam evaporation with multiple pocket arrangements.

Substrate and Pretreatment

For substrates up to 100×100 mm or 150 mm wafers, Heated/cooled substrate holder from -30°C up to 100°C, Rotation up to 33 RPM, Integrated quartz lamp heaters, Optional in-situ systems available on request.

System Control

Siemens PLC with multi-color touch screen
Inficon controller for rate control/monitoring Recipe management.