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Potential Difference Hydrogen Corrosion Fatigue Rig

50kN hydrogen corrosion fatigue rig with potential difference monitoring and 3- and 4-point bend capability.

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Detailed Description

50kN servo hydraulic fatigue rig capable of testing specimens in simulated ‘real’ environments. The specimen is enclosed in a protective chamber allowing for testing in various gas environments (including pure hydrogen) with and without a contaminant (salt) deposit. Used predominantly to simulate gas turbine environments. Fitted with light emitters to allow for rapid heating. PD capable to monitor crack area. 3 and 4 point bending jig attachment available.


Used to assess materials performance in simulated environments. Can also provide data for living models.

50kN, load control, complex cycles, up to ~50Hz (depending on stroke length and servo fitted). Light emitter heated, high heating rates attainable, testing (subject to COSHH and Risk assessment), salt deposits (subject to COSHH and Risk assessment), TMF capable, PD capable, 3 and 4 point bending capable. Pure hydrogen capable. Strain control available in controlled environment up to 700°C.