Karl Suss MJB3 and OAI MODEL 204 UV

Photolithography Suite

The Photolithography Suite is equipped with a programmable spin-coater and two UV mask-aligners Karl Suss MJB3 and OAI MODEL 204.

  • Partner / Location:Imperial College London
  • Contact:Peter Petrov
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Detailed Description

Both mask-aligners can handle 4” masks and 2” diameter substrates and pieces of arbitrary shape. They are high-performance systems designed for ultra-precise alignment between mask and substrate, and it supplies a collimated UV light beam to execute high-resolution printing. Its alignment and exposure resolution can reach sub-micron levels. These high-performance mask aligners can be configured to suit many different applications, including: Semiconductor Device; III-V Compound Semiconductor Device and Optoelectronics; MEMS; MCM; Bumping Process; Display Electronics; Temperature and Medical Sensor, PCB.

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