Oxford Instruments X-Pulse Benchtop NMR with Broadband X-Pod

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy under an inert environment

Benchtop NMR situated in a argon filled glovebox for analysis of solvents and solutions under a controlled atmosphere.

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Detailed Description

X-Pulse is a revolution in the flexibility of benchtop NMR. Combining true broadband X-nuclei capability, flow chemistry, reaction monitoring and variable temperature with superior spectral resolution, X-Pulse lets you perform a wide range of experiments on the bench in your lab.

X-Pulse uses a 60MHz permanent magnet with high homogeneity and temperature stability making it easy to position in a lab and requires no liquid cryogens. X-Pulse may be used with either standard 5mm NMR tubes, or our easy-to-use flow cell.

The X-Pulse benchtop NMR system is controlled by a new and improved version of Oxford Instruments’ SpinFlow data acquisition software making it easier to perform routine experiments and more flexible than ever for advanced users.


Quantitative study of air-sensitive solutions (battery electorlytes) for decomposition and chemical changes.
Small molecule characterisation.
2D NMR studies (nearest neighbour identification).

The World’s Only Broadband Benchtop NMR system, X-Pulse allows you to freely tune between a wide range of X-Nuclei in a single Benchtop NMR instrument​.

Proton frequency: 60MHz (1.47T)
​Resolution <0.35Hz (50%) / <10Hz (0.55%)
Sensitivity: 120:1 for 1% Ethyl Benzene​
X-Channel: fully tuneable ²⁹Si – ³¹P
Pulsed field gradients as standard​
Variable temperature option (20°C – 60°C)​
Flow NMR option​
No Cryogens​
Easy to use​
Standard 5mm OD NMR tubes