Nikon 'Custom' Bay 320/225kV

3D X-ray Micro-computed Tomography - Nikon 'Custom' Bay walk-in system 225/320kV

Custom-built Walk-in 3D X-ray Computed Tomography Bay

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Detailed Description

The 320/225 kV Bay (Custom Bay) can be operated with two x-ray sources, either a 225kV multi-metal target, or the high-power 320kV source. The sample stage can take heavy objects up to 100kg, and the full field of view allows imaging of large specimens up to 230 mm in diameter. The additional height of the custom bay also permits long specimens, up to 800 mm, to be imaged via multiple scans. Typical voxel sizes are between 5 μm and 120 μm (225kV source).


Imaging of samples of all materials, typically a few cm in size. High-power 320 W source allows for transmission of up to approx. 30mm of steel.


Source voltage depening on installed x-ray target between: 40 – 320 kV, max power: 320 W. Voxel size: 5 – 120 μm with a field of view between 8mm and 230 mm, respectively. Heavy duty 5-axis sample manipulator stage with 100kg load capacity. Detector: 16-bit, 2000 x 2000 pixels . Labyrinths available for external control and monitoring of user-installed equipment, such as in-situ rigs.