Nanoscale Magnetic and Thermal Imaging System

The Nanoscale Magnetic and Thermal Imaging System uses atomic defects in nanoscale diamond crystals to probe the local temperature and magnetic field with a spatial resolution of ~10 nm.

  • Partner / Location:University of Cambridge
  • Contact:Mete Atature
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Detailed Description

The dynamic range of the system spans DC to MHz with sub mT and mK resolution for the magnetic and temperature sensing modes respectively. The imaging system is housed in a temperature-controlled and vibrationally isolated housing, which enables <0.5 K temperature stability and <5 nm drifts over the course of several hours.


The technique is non-invasive and thus enables the characterisation of surface and interface effects in highly sensitive samples with nanoscale magnetic features. The system is also ideal for probing caloric effects in thin films and devices; mK sensitivity enables the mapping of transient heat in high bandwidth devices and circuits with nm spatial resolution, enabling measurements and characterisation of devices for energy-efficiency during testing operations under ambient conditions.

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