Agilent Nano indenter G200


The nanoindenter records load and displacement changes in µN and sub-nanometre scales during indentation of a µm sized tip into a sample surface.

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Detailed Description

Various methods, such as Continuous Measurement Stiffness, as well as different shapes and sizes of the indenter tips, can provide information on the mechanical properties of the material of interest.


The small volume required for the tests, as well as the automation of the device, makes it a great tool for gathering statistical data on mechanical properties of the surface of the materials. Hardness, elastic modulus, yield stress and true stress vs true strain behaviour can be obtained for bulk materials, and even for thin films.


Usable surface area 100mm x 100mm

Automated position control remote with mouse

Positioning accuracy 1µm

NanoVision Stage

Used for contact atomic force microscopy

X-Y scan range 100µm x 100µm

Positioning accuracy 1nm

XP Indentation Head

Displacement measurement via capacitance gauge

Displacement resolution <0.01nm

Loading capability: 500mN or 10N in high load

Contact force <1.0µN

Load frame stiffness ~5MN/m