Von-Ardenne Electron Beam150

Multi-Source Electron Beam Physical Vapour Deposition

Electron-Beam evaporator with jumping beam.

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Detailed Description

Von-Ardenne capable of evaporating up to 3 ingot sources sequentially, allowing production of multi-layered/graded coatings; 150kW max power demand, 40kV max acceleration voltage. A versatile large Electron Beam-Physical Vapour Deposition rig capable of coating multiple substrates including high pressure high temperature turbine blades for aeroengines with ceramic coatings.


Thermal barrier coating of turbine blades. New multi-layered thermal barrier coating compositions.

Electron Beam-Physical Vapour Deposition evaporator capable of depositing ceramic materials from multiple sources at temperatures up to 1000°C, in controlled oxygen pressures. Many test piece geometries. Turbine blades can be accommodated on custom fixtures.