Malvern Mastersizer 3000

Micro particle size analyser for wet samples

The Mastersizer can measure the particle size of wet samples (samples within a suitable dispersant) within the 10nm-3.5mm range or dry samples (samples dispersed in an inert gas) within the 1-3500μm range.

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Detailed Description

This is a static light scattering (SLS) technique where a dispersed sample is illuminated with a laser and a series of detectors accurately measure the intensity of light scattered by the particles. A combination of red (633nm) and blue (432nm) lasers enables a large particle size range of 10nm-3.5mm to be measured. A range of sample dispersion units are available for small samples (5.6mL) up to large sample volumes (1000mL).

Both wet and dry sample dispersion
HydroSight allows visualisation of sample dispersion
Accuracy >0.6%
Precision/Repeatability >0.5%
Analysis via Mie or Fraunhofer scattering
Have a range of samples dispersion units
HydroSV: Dispersion unit for small volumes (5.6mL)
HydroMV: Automated wet dispersion unit for medium sized samples (120mL)
HydroEV: A dip in wet dispersion unit for larger volumes (800/1000mL)
AeroS: A dry powder dispersion unit suitable for cohesive powders to fragile materials