Keyence X200K 3D Laser Microscope

Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope

This system is able to perform a wide range of measurements independent of the material being analysed, and can be used to characterise surfaces quantitatively. A laser light source and white light source captures colour and height information simultaneously.

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Detailed Description

Measurement is non-contact and with high accuracy. The photomultiplier gives 16 times more sensitivity, ensuring 3D measurement data, over any shape or material, is obtained in a short time.

The system requires no specific sample preparation and there is no damage to the sample.


A fast, non-contact imaging system that extracts surface height information, for small and large samples using a highly-effective stitching technique which is automated over large areas. As such the instrument is used across a wide range of materials systems.

Total magnification

x 28800

Field of view

11-5400 um

Laser measurement speed

4-120 Hz and 7900Hz

Optical system

pinhole confocal optical system

Light receiving element

16-bit photomultiplier

Laser light source

violet laser (wavelength of 408 nm)

Height measurement display resolution

0.5 nm

Height measurement accuracy

0.2+L/100 µm (L=Measuring Length)

Width measurement display resolution

1 nm

Width measurement accuracy


Maximum sample height

28 mm

XY stage operational range

70 x 70 mm

Maximum capture resolution

3072 x 2304 pixel