Hysitron bioindenter

Bioindenter for Nanomechanical Measurement

Hysitron transducer mounted to a Nikon Microscope for Nanomechanical measurements

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Detailed Description

The Bioindenter features a Hysitron transducer mounted to a Nikon microscope. This allows for Nanomechanical measurements of detailed and complex samples, such as biological tissues, to be tested with high accuracy. The microscope arrangement allows for precise control over where the indent is placed, meaning testing of tissues such as skin or blood vessels is possible.


The Bioindenter uses extended indenter probes allowing for the use of hydrated samples. The system is designed to measure thin (10 microns) histology sections but can also be used for soft (10’s kPa to 10’s Mpa) polymers and gels.

Transducer load

Resolution: <1 nN

Noise Floor: <30 nN

Imaging Contact Force: ≤70 nN

Transducer displacement

Resolution: <0.02 nm

Noise Floor: <0.2 nm

Drift: <0.05 nm/sec


Nikon Eclipse Ni Microscope with x4, x20 and x40 objectives