Spectramax i3x Multi-mode Microplate Detection platform

Multi-mode (Absorbance, Fluorescence and Luminescence) Microplate Detection platform

High throughput microplate/cuvette reader for measuring UV and visible and near infra-red absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, fluorescence polarisation, TRF and HTRF.

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Detailed Description

The Spectramax M5 is a microplate/cuvette reader. It has accurate temperature control, microplate shaking and comprehensive data management with different detection modes: UV-Visible Absorbance (Abs), Fluorescence Intensity (FI), Luminescence (Lum), Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF), Fluorescence Polarisation (FP). The optical systems use two scanning monochromators so the user can determine optimal excitation and emission settings, resulting in assay performance similar to that of dedicated single-mode readers. Capability to measure the depth (optical pathlength) of samples with no temperature dependency. Sensor automatically normalises the well absorbance, eliminating the need for standard curves, and for compounds with known absorptive properties, enables users to calculate concentrations directly from absorbance.


Cell Viability. Fluorescent Protein Detection. SNP Genotyping. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA).

Plate formats 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384 wells.
Light source Xenon Flash Lamp (1 joule/flash).
Detectors 2 photomultiplier tubes (PMT).
Shaker time 0 to 999 seconds.
Temp. control 2°C above ambient to 60°C.
Temp. uniformity < 1°C at 37°C set point.
Temp. accuracy ±1°C at 37°C set point.

Standard Read Times(minutes:seconds) 96 wells / 384 wells.
Absorbance 0:18 / 0:49.
Fluorescence Intensity 0:17 / 0:48.
Fluorescence Polarisation 0:42 / 2:03.
Time-Resolved Fluorescence 0:17 / 0:48.
Luminescence 2:00 / 7:00.